Editing progress

Greetings from the editing room! 

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work slicing and dicing PNP’s latest short film “On the Floor,” a drama about a mentally struggling musician whose journey has led him to a sort of bamboo-forested limbo, following our shoot in Atlanta last July.

Although there’s still much work to be done, from completing our sound design to filming some quick pick-up shots in New York, we’re currently condensing and fine-tuning a rough cut that couldn’t be more exciting for us to watch and rewatch and polish. We simply can’t wait to show it to you in final form. 
You’ll be hearing from us more as we continue post-production over the next few months, becoming ever closer to finalizing “On the Floor” in spring 2019! 
Thanks for staying tuned.

All my best,

OTF director / co-writer / editor

Our Shoot in Atlanta

As we proceed into post-production for our new short film “On the Floor,” we couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we had a successful 3-day shoot at the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse  in July! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for photos from the set and news about our editing progress.


Thank you again to all our supporters and donors.

…and stay tuned! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to.



the Para Noir team

Location News

To me, there’s nothing quite like a film location that feels like a character in and of itself. A space that has a certain energy and atmosphere, one that informs the rest of the film and engages with the characters, almost like a form of dialogue in its own unique language. Oftentimes, location can reveal facets of the story and characters that aren’t even discovered until we get to set.

I couldn’t be more excited to shoot the majority of “On the Floor” at the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse, the location where our main character Andro escapes from the public eye. While we also plan on integrating the urban environment of Atlanta into our story, the central action of the film will occur here, in seclusion, at Andro’s retreat from the world in a beautiful bamboo forest.

The visual nature of this location, the atmosphere it will lend to our scenes and the hypnotic spell it casts over our characters, will add a dimension to “On the Floor” that I hope will fully immerse you in their world.

Plus, there’s alpaca there! If that doesn’t add character, I don’t know what does.

See you in July.

All my best,


Cast Announcement

Dear friends and followers,

We first want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we have received since the inception of Para Noir Pictures early this year. Since the launch of our website, we have been busy casting our upcoming short film, On The Floor. As of last week, we have finalized the three remaining roles. We’re excited to announce that Angela Carbone, Lambert Tamin, and Heinely Gaspard (pictured left to right) will be joining the On the Floor cast!


As we move closer to filming, we are finalizing our crew and taking all the steps to ensure a smooth production this summer. Additionally, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we’re over halfway to our $16,000 fundraising goal.  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already, and to all who have been following us on this journey.

Stay tuned for updates. We’ll have more news to share soon!


the Para Noir team