Location News

To me, there’s nothing quite like a film location that feels like a character in and of itself. A space that has a certain energy and atmosphere, one that informs the rest of the film and engages with the characters, almost like a form of dialogue in its own unique language. Oftentimes, location can reveal facets of the story and characters that aren’t even discovered until we get to set.

I couldn’t be more excited to shoot the majority of “On the Floor” at the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse, the location where our main character Andro escapes from the public eye. While we also plan on integrating the urban environment of Atlanta into our story, the central action of the film will occur here, in seclusion, at Andro’s retreat from the world in a beautiful bamboo forest.

The visual nature of this location, the atmosphere it will lend to our scenes and the hypnotic spell it casts over our characters, will add a dimension to “On the Floor” that I hope will fully immerse you in their world.

Plus, there’s alpaca there! If that doesn’t add character, I don’t know what does.

See you in July.

All my best,